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The mesoscopic structure in wheat flour dough development

Journal of Cereal Science ( IF 2.938 ) Pub Date : 2020-09-01


Fang Li a1; Yingquan Zhang a1; Boli Guo a; Yimin Wei a; Clyde Don b; Weichun Pan c; Bo Zhang a
a Institute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Key Laboratory of Agricultural Products Processing, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Beijing, 100193, China
b Clyde Don Consultancy Food Physica Lab, Ambachtsweg 5, 6581, AX Malden, the Netherlands
c Food Safety Key Lab of Zhejiang Province, College of Food Science and Engineering, Hangzhou, 310035, China




The Farinograph time-to-peak is an important wheat flour quality parameter. It is well-established that insoluble glutenins correlate with the strength of the gluten network and dough mixing time. To learn more about the physical changes at the mesoscopic level, dough samples were prepared in the Farinograph for study with diffusion wave spectroscopy. It was confirmed that a space-filling network was formed by wheat gluten proteins (mainly glutenin). At peak development (9.0 min) it was shown that the starch granules were confined in the gluten network. After the time-to-peak, dough resistance weakened, showing an increase of the starch granule movement. Kneading disrupts insoluble glutenin particles, the disrupted glutenin becomes part of the Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS)-extractable proteins. Both soluble and insoluble wheat protein extracts have been characterized by light scattering techniques. The results derived from light scattering of the wheat protein fractions: particle radii, apparent molar mass and geometrical shapes, suggests that the disrupted glutenin aggregate shape and glutenin size heterogeneity could be more important for gluten network bulk consistency, connectivity and resistance at dough peak, than the apparent molar mass of the solubilized glutenins, reaching a maximum after dough peak.


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